Hi there Video Kickstarter!

Thanks for visiting and for your interest in learning more about how I help my clients.

Can you relate?

You’ve avoided using videos to market your business because you simply don’t have time for complicated STUFF.
You need more clients and you’re not convinced using videos will make that happen.
You’ve been struggling to capture more leads through social media.
You’re joining the RIGHT groups and spending hours posting and engaging with the members,
But nothing is happening or if it is, it’s a trickle here or there. 

Then you need to add Video to your marketing plan!

If you want to know how to get leads, clients, and sales, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re a small business owner who’s ready to get serious about becoming an influencer,

A budding entrepreneur striving to make a strong first impression or

An entrepreneur who is ready to overcome your fear of being invisible in their business,

Using video is your common denominator and… I’ve got you covered!

Become a Video Kickstarter!

I created the Video Kickstarters! Facebook group to help and support entrepreneurs who are video newbies by providing a forum where you can ask questions, share successes, learn about video marketing, obtain feedback and meet like-minded future partners.

Hey, I’m Edie (pronounced E-dee)

and as a Video Marketing Strategist and Video Editor,

I offer consultation, video strategy and video editing services to entrepreneurs interested in growing their online presence by marketing their businesses using videos and YouTube. I help clients who wish to outsource their needs as well as those interested in learning how to do things on their own.

How I started in video

I first got interested in video production when I was a teen and for a year after high school, I worked at the local television station where I grew up in the US Virgin Islands.  At Channel 10 is where I worked every position from chyron operator to camera person to editor and FELL IN LOVE with video and television production. After attending college in NY and LA,  I held various positions administrative, sales, production assistant and video producer, in 2012 I opened Virtually In Sync.

When you work with me

you’ll walk away with a clear understanding on how to use videos to gain visibility in your niche, where to market your videos so they can be found by your ideal audience and learn how to discover what videos you should be creating that your audience is dying to see.

Are we a good fit?

As a Video Strategist, my philosophy is to help you create and market videos that will attract your ideal audience that will get you seen by your ideal clients using basic video software, tools and most importantly YOUTUBE.

So if you’re ready to go from invisible to influencer, from a confused state to a state of clarity, from not getting clients to getting clients, well then,

I’m your video gal!

I’m a wife and a mother of a teenaged son.

We live in Brooklyn, NY but every year we try to visit our families in Canada, the US Virgin Islands, and England.

I love travelling with my son and husband, spending time with family and friends, baking and binge-watching RHONY and most anything on Netflix.

What are my clients saying?