Embrace Video and YouTube

Wish to outsource your video editing and YouTube channel management services?
Are you aware of what YouTube can do for your business but short on time to execute?
Do you want to start getting found by a new audience?

Huge Benefits

Properly edited videos and optimized channel and videos will get you seen by your ideal audience while you sleep.

Who is this for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, expert, strategist, writer, thought leader, speaker,

Go from Confusion to Clarity

If you are stuck at the starting line and just plain confused as to what videos to upload, when to upload them and how to get them seen

Plans and Pricing

If you need videos edited and your channel managed and maintained so it will get you leads and you want to outsource these services to ensure your videos are attracting your ideal audience then choose Video Editing and Channel Management.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I got a tricked-out YouTube channel (thanks to Edie Clarke of Virtually in Sync. She helped me every step of the way. I can’t recommend her enough!)”

Nancy Tierney

Copywriter & Confidence Coach, Firecracker Communications

“Edie helped me determine the best video content suited for me and my business and how often I needed to post it to my channel. Within one month of working with Edie consistently, (I signed up for Embrace Video &YouTube), I got my first high-paying client from YouTube. That’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten that kind of ROI from marketing.”

Kathy Goughenour

Business Coach and Trainer, Expert VA Training

“Huge shout out to Edie for helping me. I’m not a tech person so when I started working with Edie, she had such a calming voice and was so reassuring that I could do everything that I needed to do.  She showed me how to use YouTube on my own and now I’m getting my feet wet with all this tech stuff.”

Moshe Sherizen

Foreign Language Coach, Fluency Freedom

How Will We Work Together

First, you’ll book a strategy session with me so we can discuss your goals for your channel and the type of content you would like to feature on it. During our call, we will discuss in detail possible video content ideas, your primary keywords, branding assets, and how often you wish to create your content.

Based on this call, I’ll conduct research on your niche to determine the best topics that will resonate with your ideal audience to ensure they rank on Google and YouTube.

Next, you’ll provide all brand assets needed to create or revamp your channel art and custom thumbnails.

Another session will be set in order to complete your channel setup, transfer, and verification process (if applicable) and to discuss your production setup.

Next, it’s video creation time and that’s where you come in. Based on script templates I’ll provide to you, you’ll record the number of videos you committed to creating and then upload them to our shared DropBox.

Then, I’ll optimize your videos, which means I’ll write out your keyword sensitive title, description, create a custom thumbnail, add info cards, add an end screen, and add to the appropriate playlist.

Once your videos are published, within the first 48-72 hours you will be instructed to perform specific duties and we’ll both share your videos on platforms where your ideal audience is spending time.

A review of your channels analytics will be provided to you so you can see how your content is performing and where tweaks and changes will need to be made.

Additionally, every month you’ll receive a reminder email designed to keep you on track for creating your monthly video requirements.

So Is Embrace YouTube Services for you?

This IS for you if…
  • You’re ready to start getting seen as THE expert in your niche, but you’re short on the patience required to ensure your content can get seen by your ideal audience.
  • Get the benefits of creating and using videos in your business, but you just don’t have the patience for optimization.
This is NOT for you if…
  • Have ZERO interest in using videos to expand your business.
  • Not committed to becoming consistent with your video creation needs not even the beginners’ schedule of 1-2 videos a month.
  • Have trust issues and you don’t believe that YouTube videos can get you leads.

Don't Be Shy

Need more info? Book a free 20-minute call and learn if this is right for you.