Are you an entrepreneur looking to increase your visibility? Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for some time, standing out from the competition and getting more of the right attention is key.

This is where clarity, content and audience come into play. By mastering these three pillars – as we’ll discuss below –you can boost your visibility and create a better connection with potential customers and partners. Here’s everything service entrepreneurs need to know about increasing their visibility through clarity, content, and audience.

Pillar 1-Gain Clarity

1. Define Your Why
Before you start creating videos for your YouTube channel, there are a few steps that need to be taken. It’s important to ask yourself questions but more importantly, answer them. Why do you want to create videos? Is it because you’ve seen that there is a need in your niche for answers to questions or help with an area that you are an expert in? For example: do your clients ask the same questions over and over again? Have you seen a theme with social posts? Why a YouTube channel? What’s your intention and purpose, why should viewers watch your videos, and why should they subscribe to your channel? Why you? Do you have something to share that is different or do you teach or communicate in a way that is better than others?

2. Identify Your Niche
When you know what people want and need, it’s easy to find the right keywords for your video. start by identifying who is going watch them (the target audience), then think about how they search online before getting onto YouTube or Google searches- this will give an idea of where there pain points might lie with regards towards solving these issues!

3. Discover Your Competition
Your competition is not just other brands but also individuals publishing content on the web. You cannot afford to ignore them, so use this as an opportunity for research and understanding how they are different from you while still looking at what makes your business unique within its industry or niche area of expertise- then go ahead with a strategy based off those findings!

video content Pillar 2-Generate Content

4. Find Your Words
Connecting with your audience on a more personal level is key to building trust and credibility. Write video scripts that are tailored specifically for the needs of each individual client, so you can be sure they’re engaging enough in order reach their targeted audiences effectively!

5. Create Your Visuals
If you’re looking for a simple way to create high-quality videos, there are plenty of tools available. You can use your own equipment along with affordable apps or software that will make the process easy and fun!

6. Assemble Your Flicks
The video editing process has changed dramatically in the past few years, what was once a daunting task for beginners is now easy. There are new tools and software coming out on the market that make producing your own YouTube content as simple as creating and editing a Word document!

followersPillar 3-Grow Audience

7. Boost Your Presence
YouTube is a great platform for marketing your business. The best way to use YouTube as part of an overall strategy that includes other channels and social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, would be by creating video tutorials on how-to’s related specifically with the products/services you offer so people can get more out them faster than ever before!

8. Direct Your Peeps
Use the power of YouTube to promote your freebies, website and make money for you. You can also use videos as a platform where people will see what they need in order to get those products or brands that suit them best!

9. Share Your Goods
YouTube is the biggest and most popular platform for video content. However, it’s not a one stop shop! You need to think about other places your audience may be hanging out online if they don’t watch or engage with videos on YouTube – like Instagram stories etc., otherwise known as “platforms”.

While mastering all 9 steps may seem daunting, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do it alone.

The good news is that I’m here to help! No matter where you are in your business journey, I can provide the resources and support you need to increase visibility for your brand and business using YouTube.

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Ready to get started? Which pillar do you need more help with? Clarity, Content or Audience?