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Welcome to my channel, Learn Create Market Videos with Edie Clarke. I am a remote video producer and I help service-based entrepreneurs new to video and video marketing learn how to create videos using simple to use and easy-to-learn video creation tools so you'll be able to get discovered by your audience for years to come, engage with them, and grow your business. As a seasoned video creator, my goal is to make creating videos simple, easy, and free from stress.YouTube Video Tips | Video Tutorials| Reviews | Video Tools and Tips | FAQ Videos If you wish to ask a question or request an idea for a new video either leave a comment on one of my videos or post your question here: Thanks for watching!To learn more or to schedule a FREE consultation:
Why You Need These Tools for Video Project Planning
Published at 2024, April 11
Discover the secrets to effortlessly navigate from planning to posting your video content with video
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