In today’s digital age, using video as a tool to enhance your online presence is a brilliant idea. With the right video strategy, you can effectively tailor your content to your professional role, ensuring that it is conversational, engaging, and relatable.

In this blog post, we will explore how different professional roles can leverage the power of video to make a lasting impression on their audience. So, whether you are a coach, a speaker, an author, a strategist, or a service provider, get ready to level up your online presence!

1. For Coaches:

As a coach, sharing coaching tips or success stories through videos can give your audience a sneak peek into your coaching sessions. Consider going live for real-time interaction and keep it as casual as having a chat over coffee. Don’t forget the impact of client testimonials in video format, as they act as powerful endorsements.

To see an excellent example of a business coach utilizing videos, check out Jarvis Gray on LinkedIn. His coaching sessions showcase his work and what clients can expect.

Image courtesy of Jarvis Gray’s Profit Acceleration Secrets Podcast episode featuring Simone Henry


2. For Speakers:

If you aspire to be a professional speaker, having a compelling speaker reel is a must. Highlight your expertise and past engagements to give your audience a front-row seat to your show. Additionally, thought leadership videos, where you discuss industry trends and insights, will help establish you as an expert in your field.

Shaw Fair, a dynamic speaker, trainer, and coach, is a great example of someone who uses videos to showcase events and speaking engagements. His student speakers from his bi-annual event, the Leadership Experience Tour, also feature prominently in his videos.

speakerr shawn fair on stage

Image courtesy of Shawn Fair’s LinkedIn page

3. For Authors:

If you are an author, creating a trailer for your book is an obvious choice. Make it like a mini-movie that captures the essence of your publication. Consider sharing video interviews, discussing the inspiration behind your books, and even reading excerpts on video. This will give your audience a taste of your literary masterpiece.

Ally Berthiaume, an author, writing guide, and ghostwriter, has successfully integrated video content into her marketing strategy and has seen impressive growth over time.

Image courtesy of Ally Berthiaume’s LinkedIn post from her Memoir Minute live stream.


4. For Strategists:

Strategists can use videos to their advantage by explaining key strategies or methodologies. By creating visually appealing videos, you can showcase successful case studies and captivate your audience. Hosting webinars provides a virtual workshop experience that can be accessed from the comfort of your audience’s homes.

Vanessa Cabrera, an award-winning social media strategist, effectively uses videos to highlight case studies featuring her clients.

Image courtesy of Vanessa Cabrera’s video post of her case study interview with her client, Azizi Marshall.


5. For Service Providers:

Service providers can demonstrate their services through videos, offering a glimpse of what potential clients can expect. Testimonials from satisfied clients can add credibility and build trust. Additionally, sharing educational content related to your industry will position you as a thought leader.

Andy Greenhouse, a talented video director and creative video coach, stands out with his creative and experimental videos, which serve as a great source of inspiration for your own video content.

Image courtesy of Andy Greenhouse’s LinkedIn page during his Selfie Video School challenge.


Remember, always test your content on various platforms to determine what resonates best with your audience. For example, YouTube and LinkedIn are my primary platforms, so I am offering examples from there. If you’re active on TikTok or Instagram, do your research and find peers who are excelling in those spaces.

The key lesson here is to experiment with different types of videos to see what resonates with your viewers. Knowing your audience and their preferences is half the battle.

Here’s to a transformative 2024! Together, we can make incredible strides towards boosting your online presence. Feel free to share your thoughts or join the group coaching for a deeper dive into your goals.

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