AI Meets Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like a new kid in the playground for people who make stuff like blog posts, videos, social media content or articles. It can be a good friend or a mean bully – and it’s up to us to decide how we play with it. AI is now super smart and can help us make stuff really fast, doing things that used to take us a long, long time.

We’re approaching a year come November since ChatGPT entered our lives and sent us off the deep end. Although I had been using Jasper since 2021, the chat feature didn’t get released until after ChatGPT made it’s appearance. That singular feature changed how we thougt about AI and what we could accomplish using it.

In this email and the video included, I wanted to start a dialogue about how AI is helping (or not helping) to make all the stuff we see online – and how our collective businesses can still be the coolest kid on the block.

Earlier this year, I hosted a panel to discuss the intersection of AI and content creation with some of my respected friends and colleagues to get their take on how AI can help or hurt us. Also featured in this converstation was Phillipe Bensadon, Head of Content at BigVU, my favorite and go-to tool for recording most of my videos.

Check out the video by clicking the link below.

What AI is and how it works

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is like a super-smart robot that can do jobs usually done by people. It learns over time, can make decisions, and create things like stories, poem, art, songs, and videos, among other things I can’t think of at the moment!

Potential benefits of AI for content creators

AI, is like a super-smart helper for people who make things like articles, blogs, or videos. It can do boring jobs like looking for popular topics or checking what words people use most, and it gives this information to creators really fast.

Because of this, creators can spend more time thinking of cool and interesting things to make instead of wasting precious time on the boring and monotonous or repetive tasks.

In the end, they can make better stuff in less time. So, AI is pretty awesome for creators!

I don’t believe AI will completely replace writers and other content creators

As time passes AI is getting better and better, have you checked out ChatGPT 3.5 in comparison to 4? Mind friggin blowing!

However, it’s still not as good as people at being creative, understanding feelings, or thinking critically. (Although there is some active debate on this theory)

Even though AI can help make writing easier and faster, it can’t quite capture the real, heartfelt touch that only humans can put into their work. I know, I know some will say, it’s getting pretty damn close though.

Additionally, the growing use of artificial intelligence in creative domains, like writing, has raised concerns about job displacement and ethical implications. It’s crucial to balance the benefits of AI-assisted writing with potential downsides, ensuring its use doesn’t overlook possible negative impacts.

I watched an interview last night with Mo Gawdat formerly of Google X and author of Scary Smart and boy oh boy did he give me the chills. In a nutshell, Mo is scared of AI as he fears in a few short years it will be smarter by like 10X than any other human and we’re not prepared for when that happens.

I whole-heartedly believe in using AI as a tool to assist in creating content for my business whether it be videos, social media posts or this email. It is helping me start the process but I have to make the content sound like me and be representative of who I am.

What are the possibilities of AI-generated content in terms of creativity and accuracy

By utilizing intricate algorithms, AI acts as an effective tool for artists, enabling them to deliver more captivating and enjoyable content for their audience.

It can do boring tasks really quickly and never makes mistakes! But, some folks are worried about it because they think it might take away jobs from humans, especially jobs where people need to be creative.

Can a robot really be as creative as a person? I sure hope not. We certainly should be keeping an eye on the current strike going on with SAG/AFTRA as this very concern is why they are currently striking and similarly for the WGA as well.

Even so, people are using AI to do super cool things like making interactive video games and understanding human language. But as we use AI more and more, we need to think about the rules and what’s right and wrong.

With that in mind, what are your thoughts on using AI to generate content in your business and do you think AI will replace content creators?