If you’re not using videos to market your services, product, or business, you’ll get left in the dust.

That’s a fact! And statistics reiterate this fact time and again.

And that’s why you’ve decided to bite.

But, you’ve encountered a HUGE problem.

You have no friggin’ idea of what to do or where to start!

You find yourself asking, “How can I create videos when it’s so hard to do?”


“I Know I Need to, But How Can I Create Videos?”


Because you know you need to create videos to market your services, product, or business, you searched YouTube to find out what to do and how to do it.

I’ll bet you found a plethora of videos to help you with everything from what kinds of videos to create to what they should look like and how to create them.

Heck! You’ve probably come across some of mine in your search [like the video below..click on the image to watch]. And I hope you did!


Can I create videos

Watch this video and see if you can relate?


So after searching for your solutions you’ve learned the answer your question. You know you need to create videos, how to create them, and what you need to do to create them.

But here’s the 64 million dollar question to ask yourself,

“Why Am I Not Creating Videos on My Own?”


Since learning the how’s and what’s of video creation, you’re probably now asking yourself, “Can I create videos?

Your answer is “Yes, but do I really want to do this on my own?”

Because let’s face it. The honest truth is creating videos is hard!

And your time is pretty damn precious and expensive, too.

Besides, your zone of genius is in whatever niche you happen to be in. It’s not in creating videos. And it isn’t in learning and understanding YouTube to get your videos seen by your specific audience either.

Can I create videos

What Decisions Do I Need to Make About Video Creation & Video Marketing?


“What Decisions Do I Need to Make Pertaining to Video Creation & Marketing?”


There are still so many decisions pertaining to video creation and video marketing. that it can be overwhelming.


Decisions on everything from …


  • What videos should I create?
  • Who am I targeting?
  • On what platform should my videos live?
  • How long should each video be?
  • What should the videos’ calls to action be?
  • How many videos should I create each month?
  • Do I need video ads?
  • How do I make money from them?
  • Should I embed them on my website?
  • How can I get people to watch them, engage with them, share them, take action after watching them?


… the list is unending.


Unless you happen to be a video marketing expert, you most likely won’t know the answer to most, if not all, of the questions above.

Heck! You may not even know to ask half of them!


“Can I Create Videos that Grab the Attention of My Audience?”


68 percent of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. This makes video more popular as a learning tool than text-based articles (15 percent), infographics (4%), presentations and pitches (4%), and ebooks and manuals (3%).


The real deal here is that you are fighting for the attention of your audience. The amount of potential customers is vast. But we have to know what it takes to get them to see our content through all the stuff that’s out there.


And in order to do this, videos must be incorporated into your marketing. Video marketing provides a significant impact and increases the chance for us to engage with our prospects.

The cost of investing in videos

The Cost of Investing In Videos

My Advice


“Can I Create Videos?” Yes. Start, But Start Small


Ignoring videos because we find them difficult to do just isn’t going to cut it. It’s best to create videos in small doses because it’s better than doing nothing at all. Decide how you would like to use videos in your business so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Start small and go from there.


Take a Look at Starting Small and Go From There


Today we create videos for everything from digital marketing to using video ads on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We create videos to use in content marketing on our websites, landing pages, blogs, and sites like YouTube, too.


All social media platforms have embraced using videos uploaded natively to their platforms and added live streaming to help us engage with our audiences even more.


A newer method for using videos is personalized one-to-one communication. We can now use video to easily communicate with prospects or clients.


Give Video Marketing a Chance


According to Branex, “97% of marketers assert that video has helped them increase user understanding of their products and services” and the same can happen for you.


In the end, investing in videos and video marketing is worthwhile. So give it a chance!



If you’re ready to start creating videos and you want a sneak peek, click on this image for a 30-minute session.


Join my Early Bird Beta Service, Remote Video Creation to Create Videos


If you still feel confused and you find it’s too hard to create videos, consider my newest service, Remote Video Creation.


With this new service, you’ll be able to:


  • Bulk record your videos the right way
  • Gain confidence knowing your videos are recorded correctly
  • Get a consistent quality and look to your videos


With me there with you every step of the way … remotely, of course.


You can use this service to record your video content for YouTube, social media, b-roll (additional or supplemental) footage, training and onboarding videos, client testimonials, and any other needs you can think of.


What’s Included in This New Service?


  • Up to 3 hours of remote recording
  • Remote video direction which includes
    • Shot framing
    • Smartphone or webcam camera control
    • Manage video files
    • Adjust audio and lighting
    • Upload script for teleprompter use (if required)
  • Up to 8 videos (5-10 minutes in length)
    • Video editing
    • Titles and graphics
    • Intro/Outro and CTA
    • Captioning (at an additional cost)


This is the most efficient and affordable way for you to create videos for YouTube and video marketing purposes.

It saves you the headache and avoids the added expense associated with hiring a local videographer.


I’m Telling You, Getting Started Isn’t Difficult


Simply book a discovery video session with me today. We’ll discuss in detail your needs and whether Remote Video Creation and I are a good fit for you and your business.


If you’re asking, “Can I create videos when it’s so hard to do,” you can. And you can create them easily with me. Contact Edie Clarke, Video and YouTube Strategist, of edieclarke.com today.

Together you can create videos and master video marketing for your business.


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