My love affair with


Which would offer a better experience for you?

Reading a lengthy email or watching a video? 

Since I’m a video expert and all, you know I’m gonna say watching a video, right?

But there’s a really good reason why I’m saying this.

  1. My audience loves the specific kinds of videos I send them
  2. Because I useloom video recorder to create extremely helpful and quick to record videos
The Importance of Videos in Emails

Did you know that adding the word “video” in the subject line of your emails can lead to a boost in your open rate, click through rate and reduce unsubscribes?

According to Syndacast, videos in emails led a 19% boost in open rates and a 65% increased click through rate.

65% of Us are Visual Learners

If you don’t already know this, I’m a VERY visual person. I have to visualize what I’m reading or hearing in order for me to comprehend it.

Because I have this affliction I find it necessary to do the same when I am responding to someone or writing an email where I have to describe how to perform a task.

Many of you know that I am a screencast fanatic.

For those of you not in the “know” screencasting is the art of recording your computer screen and the program or website that you may be using at the time of recording.

It’s the only way you should create tutorials that teach how to use a software program, application or website.

It was the very first form of video creation that I used when I started my YouTube channel way back in 2012, primarily because of the fact that I could hide behind my videos.

Today, in addition to educating my YouTube viewers, I use screencasting to help educate and engage with my audience using emails.

Because most of my emails consist of explaining or answering questions it’s easier for me to click record and talk that to write out a detailed response to an email received from a client or prospect.

My video emails feature YouTube setups, audits, reviews, answers to questions, onboarding and the like.

So What’s All the Hype About Loom

I discovered Loom about a year and a half ago. enables you to capture your screen, record your webcam together or separately and instantly share your completed video within Gmail or as a link if you use another ESP. You can also download to your computer if needed.

What I love about Loom is the number of uses you can use it for.

I useLoom to create innovative ways to communicate with prospects and clients alike. Here are some examples:

  • Introduce yourself to a new prospect or client
  • Answer questions
  • Explain a step by step process
  • Demonstrate a product
  • On-board a new client
  • Entice low hanging fruit prospects
  • Update clients on changes that will affect them
  • Recap your consultation call
  • Provide feedback
  • Thanks for meeting me or for your business
  • Communicate with team members


How do you think your prospect or client would feel if they received a loom video that was in response to their email?

I know Google doesn’t officially rule the world but let’s face it, most of us use GMAIL as our personal (at least) and/or business email address and Loom integrates with it effortlessly.

[bctt tweet=”I #useLoom pretty much every single day and multiple times a day, to respond and interact with my clients and prospects because it’s just so darn easy to use.” username=”VirtuallyInSync”]


The two most amazing things about Loom is

FIRST, they provide you with notifications when your video has been viewed (how friggin’ cool is that) and

SECOND,and this is HUGE, it’s FREE, well at least as of this posting.


Check out the full Loom tutorial here:



So now I’m curious, and would love to know how do you communicate and engage with your audience using email?

Get started using Loom if you haven’t already by visiting:

Visit my favorite resources to learn about other tools and platforms that I use or recommend to my clients in order to create and market my videos.