Are you wondering if video marketing is right for your business? Is it really worth the investment? Well, people remember 20 percent of what they hear, 30 percent of what they see, and a whopping 70 percent of what they see AND hear. That alone is pretty convincing. But if you’re still not convinced that now is the right time for video marketing your business, read on.


Why Now is the Right Time for Video Marketing








Statistics of Video Marketing

Statistics prove that video marketing is worth the investment of your time and money. Look at the following statistics optinmonster shared from Aberdeen Group, Animoto, and Wyzowl.

  1. Aberdeen Group: Video marketers get 66 percent more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54 percent increase in brand awareness.
  2. Animoto: 76.5 percent of marketers and small business owners are getting results with video marketing.
  3. Wyzowl:
    • 83 percent of those using video think it gives them a good ROI; 82 percent think it’s a key part of their strategy.
    • Of those who aren’t using video, 73 percent have bought a product after watching a video.
    • 97 percent of businesses using explainer videos say it helps users understand their business better.
    • Among those surveyed, 81 percent saw an increase in sales and 53 percent said support calls were reduced.

But wait! There’s more! Read optinmonster’s Video Content Marketing Statistics for even more convincing data.

And if those statistics aren’t enough to convince you that now is the right time for video marketing, here are a few great reasons that will do the trick.

10 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time for Video Marketing








1. Your target market spends most of their time watching videos

2. Videos are engaging and more memorable

3. Interesting video content is easier to recall than text is

4. Your competitors use video to target your audience

5. Video content enhances your website’s SEO and boosts its conversion rate

6. Videos are more searchable and device compatible than text is

7. People share videos 1200 percent more than they share links and text combined

8. Videos educate, entertain, engage, and convert more effectively than all other forms of content

9. Video lives forever and continues promoting your brand online forever making it a cost-effective marketing investment

10. Videos have the great potential of going viral









Stop Wondering About How to Use Videos

You can stop wondering. As you can see, now is the right time for making video marketing a part of your marketing strategy. And for so many great reasons.

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