Earlier this year I read an article on Thrive Global.

It was titled, 50 ways happier, healthier, and more successful people live on their own terms.

It was a fascinating but daunting list consisting of 50 things apparently successful people did that led to them living a happier and healthier life and I wanted in.

Although it was intimidating, I made up my mind I would attempt to accomplish as many of them as I could.

During a first glance of the list, I checked off maybe five or six things I’d already implemented in my life.

I had already started or was on my way to starting to…

  • I stopped consuming caffeine (I was drinking way more tea than I should and with each cup came loads of sugar and half and half)
  • I was reading regularly, but not 1 book per week, so I needed to up the ante on that one
  • I ended my love affair with refined sugar in 2016
  • I was already averaging at least 7 hours of sleep each night
  • Always said thank you every time I was served by someone
  • I tell my husband and my son that I love them too many times to count in the course of my day, however, I was reminded to extend this to friends and extended family
  • I’ve made my bed first thing in the morning since I was a child
  • And I journal daily but for more than the suggested 5-minute limit

Okay, so that was like 9 things.

I needed a challenge.

So, I chose to ‘fast from all food and caloric beverage intake for 24 hours’.

I’d been on a mission for the past eight or nine months to try to live a healthier life.

This would fit right into my new lease on life.

What has weekly fasting taught me:

  • The first thing I learned was that it’s a lot easier to go without food than I thought. The hours flew by and as long as I kept my water nearby, I successfully staved off hunger.
  • Second, I can consume over 120 ounces of water in a day with ease.
  • Third, I feel so much better.

Now the most startling lesson that I learned was about consistency.

During the early months of this new way of living.

I never paid attention to my overall weight loss.

Didn’t want to get hung up on the numbers, or so I told myself.

To be honest, I obsessed over how much weight I lost or gain each day.

Mainly because I was weighing myself every morning.

I can best correlate this experience to that of my relationship with social media.

You know when you religiously post your status updates, then keep checking to see how many likes, comments or shares you’ve gotten?

Well, that was me with my weight loss.

Every morning I would kick myself if I gained a few ounces or heaven forbid a pound.

Then cheer and celebrate with a snack (defeats the purpose doesn’t it), if I lost anything, the amount didn’t matter how small.

The thing was that during this entire experiment, I hadn’t noticed or paid attention to the fact that because I was remaining consistent with what I was doing, Saturday through Friday eating sensibly, exercising when I could, and drinking a gallon of water daily,

I’d lost 9.2 pounds in my first month,

WHAT! Are you kidding me????
I couldn’t believe it.

I would’ve been happy with a 4-5 lb. loss as that’s what I assumed would happen.

to date, it’s now at 45lbs. total

Remaining consistent was the KEY to my success!

If you are consistent, whether it’s in your personal life or in your business life, you will see the results.

I’ve had a lot of people say to me that they’ve given up on creating videos and using videos to increase visibility in their business because they didn’t stick with it.

They couldn’t consistently produce videos on a regular basis.

One reason is that they’re doing it wrong.

Creating videos for your business requires,

  • understanding the needs of your audience,
  • educating them on the solution to their needs,
  • providing valuable content to them throughout their buyer’s journey and
  • remaining consistent during the entire process.

At the 2017 Social Media World, one of the things they mentioned was the importance of YouTube.

During his speech there Gary Vee stated, “the single most important strategy in content marketing today is video.”

As a result of learning this fact, a coach I follow on Facebook is now rearranging her schedule and talking to her team so that she can figure out how she can spare moments so that she can start creating not only specific content for YouTube but also so she can repurpose her Facebook live streams.

I want to be able to help you get clarity so you engage with your audience through using videos and discover how to become consistent in your process without any headaches or stresses.

Let’s talk during my free 20-minute consultation, and see what you need, and how I can be of assistance.

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