How does growing your YouTube channel and earning money sound to you? Awesome, I’m sure! What business owner doesn’t want to gain YouTube subscribers in no time and earn money, right? What if I could show you how one of my clients did just that? Read on.

Gain YouTube Subscribers

Case Study: Meet Jaki Sabourin

Meet my client Jaki Sabourin. She is a relationship coach and CEO of a company called Engaged at Any Age.

Her target audience is women over the age of 50 who are looking for love and want to get married. But they feel they are too old and/or don’t know how to go about it.

Jaki helps her audience by providing education on how to go about it. Her audience can access her education on YouTube, Live Streams on both Facebook and YouTube, and at live events. She offers courses now, too.

Jaki Sabourin’s Problem

Every week Jaki uploaded videos to YouTube from her Facebook Live Streams. Then she embedded those videos onto her blog and into her weekly emails to her large list.

When we started working together she had 1200+ subscribers. And her videos averaged around 2,000 to 3,000 views.

But Jaki Sabourin had a problem.

The vast majority of Jaki’s viewers were her existing audience, either from Facebook or her email list. And although Jaki’s views were good, the quality of her videos suffered because they were recorded and downloaded from Facebook. Once she uploaded the videos to YouTube, it was obvious that they were not created for that platform.

Note: Because Live Streams are not formatted to do this, it’s best never to repurpose your Facebook Live Streams or Periscope videos on YouTube.

Her videos lacked calls to action, too. She never asked her YouTube audience to like, share, or subscribe. Therefore, opportunities to get her YouTube audience to join her email list and follow her YouTube channel were lost.

What Jaki Needed

Gain YouTube Subscribers

My Client Jaki Sabourin

Jaki needed to do the following with her YouTube channel:

  • Increase her followers to 10,000+
  • Grow her email list
  • Market her products and services to a new audience
  • Earn money from her channel
  • Stop repurposing her Facebook Live Streams onto her YouTube channel
  • Be discovered on YouTube by a new audience who didn’t know her but needed her advice
  • Attract and keep new viewers
  • Get found through organic search
  • Optimize her existing videos
  • Attract her ideal audience with consistent content that was trending
  • Enable YouTube to suggest her videos to compatible viewers
  • Ask her audience to like, share, or subscribe

So she hired me to help her achieve these desired results.

Steps I Took to Solve Jaki’s Problem

In order for me to understand what Jaki really needed and help her gain YouTube subscribers in no time, I needed to do the following first:

  • Conduct an audit by looking at her channel art, home page, and welcome video
  • Review the videos she was uploading and how frequently they were uploaded
  • Watch a few videos to help me gain an understanding of the content
  • Review her analytics to see watch time and audience retention
  • Focus on three key areas (Created content, Viewership, Discovery by a new audience)

What Worked to Gain YouTube Subscribers for Jaki Sabourin

We worked together to get Jaki the results she wanted. And she achieved her desired results. In fact, she was able to gain YouTube subscribers in no time and earn more money faster than she anticipated! And since then, we’ve even set our sites on new targets for her business.

This is what we did to gain YouTube subscribers for Jaki:

  • Created custom, pre-recorded, structured videos for YouTube
  • Based topics on keywords that were popular on YouTube
  • Determined the most ideal keywords for her niche
  • Surveyed her audience for ideas
  • Researched and analyzed her competition
  • Told viewers what to do next in her videos
  • Used custom thumbnails
  • Created and implemented a consistent publishing schedule
  • Restructured her videos

Gain YouTube Subscribers in no time

Jaki needed to gain YouTube subscribers in no time, and she did!

Restructuring Jaki’s Videos to Gain YouTube Subscribers in No Time

In order to build your YouTube following, you need to have a good reputation as a creator of great content. It needs to be both helpful and educational. In order for Jaki’s channel to create a good reputation and grow, we needed to restructure her videos. If you are able to grab your audience’s attention based on your topic/video title and custom thumbnail, the last thing you want to do is lose them based on the poor structure of your video. So we restructured Jaki’s videos like so:

Hook Viewers

  • Get their attention immediately
  • Tell them what to expect

Ask the Audience to

  • Subscribe to her channel
  • Comment or ask a question
  • Share her videos

Present Content

  • In a sequential step-by-step method
  • As a story with three acts (before, middle, happy ending)

Call them to Action

  • Leave a comment
  • Like or dislike her video
  • Follow her on YouTube
  • Grab her freebie

Some of the tools YouTube has to offer, like info cards, helped us with our efforts to gain YouTube subscribers in no time for Jaki.

We engaged her audience via comments, polls, and community posts and started asking her audience to like her videos, subscribe to her channel. And then we offered a freebie to grow her email list. Jaki went live with date night advice videos every week. And she went live to promote her new program every day for a month.

Gain YouTube Subscribers and Earn Money with Your Channel

Wouldn’t you like to gain YouTube subscribers and earn money like Jaki Sabourin?

My goal as a YouTube Strategist is to educate and inspire my audience on the benefits and methods of using video and YouTube. To help my clients grow their businesses, increase their visibility, engage with their audience, and create brand awareness for their companies and themselves, I provide the following services:

  • Video Editing
  • Video Marketing
  • YouTube Management

And I can help you, too.

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