She Made $5K In One Month On YouTube

Expert VA Training

Virtual Assistant Coach & Trainer

Expert VA Training was started by Kathy Goughenour, a former marketing executive who first decided she wanted to work from home as a virtual assistant.  As Kathy’s  success grew, more and more colleagues sent their friends and family to her for advice on how to start their own virtual assistant home-based businesses.

Kathy enjoyed sharing her secrets to building a highly profitable Virtual Assistant business, and in 2008 decided to start her own Virtual Assistant training program.


I ignored YouTube for a long time because I had no idea how to use it.  Edie helped me determine the best video content suited for me and my business and how often I needed to post it to my channel. Within one month of working with Edie consistently, I got my first high-paying client from YouTube. That’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten that kind of ROI from marketing.

Kathy Goughenour

Virtual Assistant Coach & Trainer, Expert VA Training

Key Stats

Created videos her audience wanted and needed to see.

Uploaded videos to YouTube.

Optimized her videos so that your audience could find them.

Kathy’s Problem

When Kathy started her business, video was not the prominent marketing tool it is today, so Kathy adopted a very comfortable pajama centric philosophy toward her business.

Since Kathy had no office to head off to each morning, no boss to impress, no clients to see, she decided her daily wardrobe would also be her most comfortable, PJ’s.  With this philosophy, it was almost impossible to convince Kathy that she should appear in front of a camera marketing her business.  Coupled by the fact that she was never comfortable in front of a camera of any type, successfully running her VA business and then her training program through the anonymity of working virtually appealed to Kathy.

As a marketer Kathy was well aware of the importance of marketing her business online so she did have a presence on social media and started a Facebook group or two.  It was finally during the excitement and ROI of live streaming that Kathy, broke tradition and brought her PJ themed advice and educational posts to the masses.

Shortly after embracing live streams, Kathy finally made the leap to YouTube.


The Solution Created for Kathy

I recommended that Kathy re-purpose all of the live stream interviews she conducted featuring successful virtual assistants who previously completed her training and add them to her newly created channel.  I optimized them and created custom thumbnails.  Additionally, I took a webinar and up-cycled it into 5-6 short social videos that were also uploaded and optimized on YouTube but also shared on her Facebook page and in her groups for added exposure.  I also recommended that she create custom videos for her YouTube audience that would directly address their pain points.

Kathy’s 617% ROI

Kathy’s First Time Out Results Led to making $5K in one month of using YouTube.

Kathy wanted to broaden her reach and expose her brand to new and potential students. Within our first month of working together, Kathy gained a high-paying client as a result of videos seen on her YouTube channel.

That was an amazing ROI and the best she’s ever received from any kind of marketing that she’s ever done.

Scope of Work

  • Video Editing

  • Keyword Research

  • YouTube Channel Creation

  • Channel Management

  • Video Optimization

  • Video Strategy

So are you ready to get these kinds of results?

As a Video Strategist, my philosophy is to help you create and market videos that will attract your ideal audience that will get you seen by your ideal clients using basic video software, tools and most importantly YOUTUBE.

So if you’re ready to go from invisible to influencer, from a confused state to a state of clarity, from not getting clients to getting clients, well then,

I’m your video gal!

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