Veteran Video Editor Becomes the Awkward Storyteller

The Awkward Storyteller

Veteran Video Editor

Hi, I’m Michelle Kukurich, a seasoned video podcast editor and the self-proclaimed “awkward storyteller.” Before joining Edie Clarke’s YouTube Live Intensive, I lacked a strategic plan for my channel.

I discovered Edie through my business coach and was instantly drawn to her engaging style and informative content. Her concise teaching methods are easy to follow without being overwhelming, and it’s evident that she genuinely wants her clients to succeed.

The most valuable aspect of Edie’s program is the personalized coaching she provides. She is dedicated to helping your channel and entire business flourish on YouTube. Her patience, willingness to share her wealth of knowledge, and focus on everything from branding to SEO is truly impressive.

With Edie’s guidance, I am now confidently creating content for my “awkward storyteller” channel and have all the tools I need for success. Her expertise has given me invaluable insights into not just my YouTube channel, but also my overall business strategy. Plus, her unwavering support and cheerleading make the journey even more enjoyable.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Edie Clarke. She is a genius who has transformed my approach to embracing YouTube and made a significant impact on my business. Thanks to her, I can now step in front of the camera and proudly share my awkward storytelling. I am incredibly grateful for her support and teachings, which have brought clarity and confidence to my content creation process.

Edie, thank you so much for your invaluable guidance. Our meetings have been consistently insightful, but today’s session on the pillars truly resonated with me. I appreciate you immensely and have nothing but love and respect for your work.


I appreciate Edie so much. I have nothing but love and respect for her. She has taught me so much about this whole [YouTube] process. And it’s been so great, and so eye opening. The fact that I can get on camera now, myself and be the “awkward storyteller” is, to me pretty amazing!

Michelle Kukurich

Professional Video Editor

Key Stats

Had no overall game plan for her videos or channel.

Didn’t know or understand how to use YouTube for her business.

Needed to become comfortable being on camera.

The Problem/Solution

Before working with Edie, I faced numerous challenges regarding how to market my services using my soon to be created YouTube channel. I struggled with video creation, video marketing, and understanding how my audience would find me. The decision to work with Edie stemmed from my desire to overcome these obstacles and unlock my full potential as a content creator.

Edie’s extensive knowledge and expertise in YouTube strategy were instrumental in helping me tackle my challenges. She provided invaluable insights into understanding channel branding and SEO, equipping me with the necessary skills to know what content to create, in order to reach my ideal audience.

What sets Edie apart is her unique approach to coaching. She tailored her training to meet my specific needs, offering customized guidance that resonated with my personal and professional goals. Her teaching style was both engaging and easy to understand, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Working with Edie has been a transformative experience. Not only has she helped me gain clarity regarding the content I plan to feature, but she has also contributed to my personal and professional development. I am now more confident in front of the camera and have a clear vision for my channel’s direction. Edie has been an incredible mentor, and I am grateful for her unwavering support and dedication to my growth.

Scope of Work

  • Embrace YouTube Live Intensive 

  • 1:1 Coaching

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