Are you wondering if video is a good fit for you or your business?

If you’re an established entrepreneur looking to grow your business and increase your visibility, but you have a few questions and concerns about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business then this post will help you decide once and for all.

Video builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue.     ~Andrew Davis, Author, Speaker, Marketing Expert

Who should use videos in their business?

Videos can benefit most businesses.

  • All Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Strategists
  • Biz trainers
  • Teachers
  • Brick and mortar businesses
  • Creatives
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Thought leaders
  • Healers
  • Chefs
  • Physicians
  • Sports trainers

Pretty much if you offer a service or offer a product that has an audience in need of it then you should use videos and YouTube to market and grow your business.

According to the 2010 census, there were 27.9 million small businesses in the US. With 9% of them using YouTube that equates to over 2.5 million businesses either for advertising only purposes or posting videos for their audiences on their channel. 

Your ideal audience is using YouTube and responds favorably to videos in general.

  • 84% of YouTube users earn over $75K annually (Pew Research Center)
  • 35+ and 55+ age groups are the fastest-growing users on YouTube (Media Kix)
  • 96% of YouTube users are teens (Forrester)
  • 70% of viewers use YouTube to help them solve problems while 86% use it to learn new things (Think with Google)
What videos should you create?

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This answer varies based on your intended goals and the placement of your videos. Let me explain.

For you to know what videos you should create, first you’ll need to know who is this for and why do they need to watch it?

Where in the buyers’ journey is your viewer? Are they just realizing that they have a problem and are seeking help to solve it? Do they know what the problem is and have temporarily solved it with helpful videos found on YouTube but now they need more in-depth help or have decided they want someone to solve the problem for them? Or maybe they’ve decided that you may be the person to hire or purchase from, but they need to confirm that you are the best person for them. The answer to this question will determine what video they should see.

My tried-and-true video to create is always going to be how-to or tutorial videos.

Why because they’re the easiest to create based on the needs of your ideal audience and coming in a close second are answers to frequently asked question videos.

My philosophy has and always will be when in doubt educate. If you are completely clueless as to what videos you should create for your audience always attempt to educate them whether it be through a how-to video or answering a frequently asked question, you’ll never go wrong.

 65% of us are visual learners videos and tutorial videos are the best videos to create seeing as more than half the population learn by watching how to do something.

Why are videos so vital to your business?

videos-are-vital-to-businessesVideos are important for several reasons.

First, it is the fastest and easiest way for viewers’ potential clients to digest information.

Video has now become commonplace on every social media platform that exists.

Not only do they accept video posts in their news feed but in fact, they now actually favor it to images and text. Facebook even claims that audiences gaze 5 times longer at videos when compared to static posts.

Because humans have very short attention spans, in fact, our attention span is less than that of a goldfish which is 9 seconds, we need to be able to grab your viewers’ attention quickly and provide them with information in a manner that results in easier comprehension.

Consequently, since there is an increase in demand for videos, more businesses are increasing their use of it or adding it to their overall marketing plans.

Overall videos are important to any business because you can say more in a video than you can in written text and in less time, they create engagement with your prospects, they can educate, entertain and inspire, making them easy to understand and ultimately use.


Using videos enables your audience to get to know you better as a result of sharing your personality and stories with them, they’ll like you and finally by providing them with helpful information that solves their most pressing pain points leads to them trusting you.

When should you start using videos in my business?

You should start using videos NOW!

This answer is easy whether your brand spanking new or if you’re an established entrepreneur, you should start using videos NOW!

Even as a newbie if you assume, I don’t know anything, why would I create videos then you’re thinking about this the wrong way.

Videos don’t only just help educate your audience but it also gives them the ability to get to know, like and trust you as I mentioned before and a great way to do that is by creating a welcome or about your video for your website. You could also create video blogs in lieu of or featured in your written ones.

Where should you use videos?

Promote your videos everywhere


I know that’s too specific so let me break it down for you.

The most ideal place to host your videos would be on YouTube and the reason for this is because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it’s also the second most visited site

Because people are always looking to solve problems or get answers to questions, they’re going to inevitably search either on Google which owns YouTube or directly on YouTube for their solutions so placing your videos on YouTube just totally makes sense here.

The next, most logical place is on social media as I mentioned before every single social media platform not only allows you to use videos in their newsfeed, but they actually favor videos to images or just text posts.

Sending videos via email is a great way to keep in contact with your email list and you can do this a couple of different ways.

You can either take your videos from YouTube or even a social media platform like Facebook and embed them onto your emails or you can create personalized emails using platforms like Loom, VidYard’s Govideo and Wistia’s Soapbox which help you do this with ease.

And don’t forget your website you can always in bed videos onto your website as well as your blog.

Now for the big question, how do I get started?

how-to-start-using-videosFirst, start with what you have and what you know.

I’m gonna take a giant leap here and assume that you have either a Webcam for your computer or a smartphone that has a camera on it my assumption is correct you have a video source for you to create your videos.

Try creating FAQ or onboarding videos for new prospects or clients using one of the platforms I mentioned earlier like Loom. Loom enables you to record yourself and your computer screen for quick and easy video creation and even includes a trimming tool if you need to remove mistakes. When done you can share directly from the platform to your Gmail or social media accounts or download to your computer before uploading to YouTube. Add a call to action and ask them to share with their friends and colleagues if they found it useful.

Your potential future…

Videos can grow your business if done correctly

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